It’s Time for a Restaurant Reservation System

Use Guest List by POS Innovation

Make a positive first impression on your guests from they moment they call to reserve a table with a restaurant reservation system that makes it easy to deliver exceptional customer service. Guest List gives your hosts and hostesses an electronic way to record, find and manage your reservations.

Integrated with your POS, Guest List also gives you features that allow you to rotate seating, accommodate special requests and manage special events and large parties. Toss out the old reservation book and upgrade to a digital restaurant reservation system you can rely on to handle your reservations whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Benefits: Guest List Benefits

  • Manage Reservations: From making to canceling reservations and noting special requests, Guest List makes managing your reservations from open to close, a breeze.
  • Improve Service: Deliver a delightful dining experience from the moment your guests arrive and give your hosts and hostess the tools to do it.
  • Decrease Wait Time: Cut precious minutes off wait times by better managing your wait list. Guest List is on top of wait times so you don’t have to be.
  • Integrate with POS: Benefit from a point of sale integration so all your important systems work together.
Guest App

Features: Top Features of Guest List

  • Special Event Scheduling: Host birthday dinners, private celebrations or corporate events and use Guest List to track large parties and any special needs the event coordinator may have.
  • Staff Rotation: Spread out reservations evenly and seat on a rotation to avoid bogging down wait staff and hurting table turn times.
  • Table Properties: Guest List allows you to assign properties to tables like type and location so you can match guests with their perfect table.
  • Search and Sort: No more flipping through pages to find a reservation. Use this module to search, sort or edit existing reservations.

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