Mobile and Online Ordering Solutions

Bring Your Restaurant to Your Customers — Wherever
They Are!

Your customers are on their smartphones and mobile devices more often than they are in your building, so it’s time to take your business to them. With online and mobile ordering, you can put your menu where your customers are looking. Customize your solution to match your branding, and create a seamless experience across channels.

With online ordering, customers can place orders ahead of time when they want to dine in, pickup, or get delivery. Not only do these conveniences increase order accuracy, they boost customer satisfaction as well! Leverage online and mobile ordering, available through POS Innovation, to provide better customer experiences and boost your bottom line.

Business Benefits

Discover the Advantages of Online Ordering

  • Expand Your Online Presence: Gain more recognition with your customers and increase the reach of your brand by allowing customers to find your menu and place orders online and through their phones.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Broaden your customer base by providing more options for customers that are pressed for time and crave an easy, convenient way for them to order ahead of time.
  • Increase Order Accuracy: Reduce order errors from servers re-entering information over the phone, and allow customers to enter their own orders, which are then sent directly to the POS.

Online and Mobile Ordering Features

Easy-to-Use Tools for Streamlined Operations

  • Seamless Integration: Online and mobile ordering solutions integrate seamlessly to send orders right to your POS.
  • No Third Parties: No need to give a cut of the profits to a middle man for every order. These solutions are included at no extra cost.
  • Branding: Set up your solutions to look like your website, with the same branding elements you use for a cohesive customer experience.

Are You Ready?

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