Heartland pcAmerica: Retail Point of Sale to
Elevate Your Business

POS Innovation knows that when it comes to your retail operation, you need a point of sale (POS) software solution that streamlines workflows giving your employees more time to devote to customers, and you more time to manage your business. The Heartland pcAmerica solution offers the functionalities your business needs to remain competitive while helping you grow your bottom line.

Our solutions are built with the heart of retail in mind—your customers. With tools for optimizing your marketing messages and growing customer engagement, pcAmerica helps you give customers the experience that builds loyalty. Ideal for many retail markets including convenience, grocery, gift, car wash, tobacco, liquor, book, discount shops and more, our industry-proven solution helps  is backed by 24/7/365 support. Scalable to meet your specific needs, pcAmerica will elevate the way you do business today and in the future.

Heartland pcAmerica Tablets

Business Benefits of pcAmerica

Through automation of tasks, centralized operations management and reporting, and tools that enhance the customer experience, the Heartland pcAmerica solution helps your business:

  • Grow Revenue: Easily manage loyalty programs, collect and analyze customer data, and provide employees with tools for suggestive upselling and cross-selling of products.
  • Control Costs: Save time and money by automating administrative tasks and optimizing inventory management across omnichannel platforms.
  • Leverage Data: Data centralized into one location and accessible anytime anywhere, providing you with better business visibility to make the decisions that will increase your bottom line.
  • Stay Secure: pcAmerica POS software is compliant with PA-DSS and is point-to-point encryption (P2PE) compatible.

pcAmerica Software Features

  • Fast checkout functions whether using a terminal or tablet solution
  • PCI-DSS compliant payment processing and options including Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Real-time inventory management across all selling channels so you and your customers know exactly what is in-stock at a glance
  • Automation of labor scheduling and management
  • Loss prevention tools to help you control access and reduce shrinkage
  • Gift card issuing and tracking
  • ID scanning and age verification with prompts reminding employees to verify on required products
  • Sales tax and commission tracking integrated with accounting software
  • Shopper conveniences including gift registry tools, layaway, and more
Heartland pcAmerica retail POS software offers versatile features that can be customized to the way you do business.

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