Professional Email Marketing Software

Enhance and Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

Imagine sending highly segmented and strategically targeted promotional emails to your customers that directly resulted in sales, increasing your revenue each time you ran a campaign. With our email marketing software, you can do just that. Email is proven to be an effective delivery system for communicating with people interested in your products. It’s also a valuable way to inspire loyalty by keeping your brand in front of customers.

The secret is not more marketing, it is better marketing. Better marketing is the result of an investment in an email marketing software that does the heavy lifting for you by managing contacts, tracking performance and generating insightful reports.  You don’t have to spend endless hours every week managing your marketing strategy to get there either. Our email marketing software streamlines processes with built-in tools that will decrease the amount of time you spend overall executing your vision. POS Innovations’ email marketing software turns your emails into a profit center with a measurable return on your investment with sophisticated ROI tracking capabilities.

Benefits: Benefits of Email Marketing Software

  • All Your Marketing in One Place: Streamline your marketing and advertising by consolidating all your efforts into one central location.
  • Send Effective Emails: As you build your customer list you will be able to use demographics and activity history to send targeted emails that increase the likelihood of engagement with you.
  • Deter Fraud and Theft: Included in our system is the ability to reduce coupon fraud while at the same time generating new sales.
  • Analyze Your ROI:  Use the comprehensive data and analytic capabilities to measure the success or failure of all your promotions.

Features: Email Marketing Software Features

  • Customer Sign Up: Collect customers and grow your database automatically with integrated forms.
  • Segmentation Tools: Strategically target members of your audience with personalized offers and custom promotions.
  • Unique Coupons: Each coupon sent through our system has a unique code thwarting the efforts of would-be thieves and fraudulent activity.
  • Performance Dashboard: Monitor the performance of all your email campaigns and advertising efforts through a single dashboard that gives you intelligent marketing analytics to make you a better marketer.

Are You Ready?

If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level contact us today to speak to a POS Innovation rep about Email Marketing.