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Powerful. Scalable. Feature-rich point of sale.

From front-of-house to back, and everywhere in between, streamline your food service operations to keep customers coming back for more.

One Unified Restaurant Solution


Turn Tables Faster

Get guests in and out quicker by allowing them to pay at their convenience right at the table.

Skip the Line

Give customers the option to order ahead, as well as scan-to-pay resources for quicker restaurant service.

Sync Servers and Kitchen

Communication about meals can be personalized in real-time across front and back-of-house operations, giving customers the personalized service, they deserve.

Track Incoming Orders through Delivery

Ensure meals are hot, fresh, and ready on time all throughout the prep, cook, and serve process with seamless production– from tableside to pickup and delivery.

Manage Activities from Anywhere

Access your management system from any Internet-enabled device, including menus, inventory and sales tracking.

Point of Sale

One cloud-based platform to connect all of your restaurants.

  • Restaurant owners and managers have access to their restaurant from anywhere in the world.
  • A streamlined system means that a merchant can jump in at any time to help restaurant staff, check on sales, and update menus all in real time.
  • Being on the cloud means no server required, which reduces technology costs, helping improve your bottom line.
  • Having a cloud-based format means Heartland Restaurant integrates seamlessly with other applications to make your job easier.

Self-Order Kiosk

Speeds up ordering, upsells customers and frees up staff.

  • Use kiosks to let customers make their own ordering decisions, speeding up the ordering process and reducing lines and waiting times.
  • Allows your restaurant to generate more sales by providing additional upsell opportunities within the ordering applications.
  • Reduces overhead, freeing up employees and allowing you to reallocate that labor to areas of the restaurant that need extra help.

Online Ordering

Integrated to take your business wherever your customers are.

  • By giving customers the ability to view your menu and place orders online, your restaurant can reach an additional audience and generate additional sales.
  • Included as part of the Restaurant platform at no additional charge, your business can implement online ordering in an easy and seamless manner.
  • No third parties, software “patches,” or extra costs are involved which helps grow your bottom line.

Guest Application

Extends your business and enhances the customer experience.

  • Automatically send reminders to guests about your restaurant as well as communicate offers when guest are geographically near your business.
  • Provide quicker service in your restaurant by allowing customers to save time and skip the line when ordering and paying for their food.
  • Allow for a faster table turnover rate by enabling customers to pay when they are ready  with scan-to-pay on their mobile devices.

Gift & Loyalty

Grow sales by getting guests in the door and turning them into loyal customers.

  • Create loyal customers who keep coming back to your restaurant.
  • Have customers see and redeem the loyalty points they earn on meals and products in real time.
  • Allow customers to see transactions on their account such as gift card balances and purchase history.
  • Enable merchants to view customer purchase history and create various targeted specials and promotions to the right patrons, creating a sense of loyalty with valued customers.

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Contact us 24/7, 365 days of the year. We provide remote and on-site support to conveniently meet your schedule, keep your business open, and get you the most out of your solution.  Call our Point Of Sale experts today. They are ready to help you.

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